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Aviones Privados S.A. - San Fernando International Airport - Route Nac. 202 Km4 (1646) Buenos Aires - Telefax (54011) 4714-6750
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Our cargo airplanes can carry up to 1900 kilos, and the cargo can be carried from/to the airport that our customer wants,
all over the country and South America.

The aggregate value of the goods and the need to arrive earlier than other companies, or if the cargo requires,
do companies to choose air cargo transportation for distribute their products.

Our airplanes have a bigger cargo door than other similar planes.

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24hs Customer Service: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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Phone (+549) (011) 15-5155-5839

Mail: administracion@avionesprivadossa.com.ar

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Capacity: 1.900 Kg
Typical Cruise Speed: 470Km/h
Runway: Asphalt and concrete
Range: 2.600Km


Capacity: 400 Kg
Typical Cruise Speed: 350Km/h
Runway: Asphalt and Grass
Range: 1.700Km





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